Sunday Night Lights Spotlight- Julia “Jubi” Drummond


Julia Drummond has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) but you’d never guess it; all you would see is a jubilant child who smiles all day long and isn’t afraid to tell you if you smell or not after rigorous physical activity. Julia, now four, was diagnosed with ALL last June.

“It’s definitely gotten us thinking and doing more than enough worrying,” said her mother, Liz Russel Drummond. “But it has strengthened us as a family and as individuals.”

Julia is facing a very tough situation but she stays positive. In fact, she’s the very definition of positive. She remarked, “I’m glad I have cancer, if I didn’t, we wouldn’t know all these people who are praying for me.”

She is a very active and precocious child; she picks up on adult conversations with almost unsettling ease, and has even told her own nurse how to do her job. The nurse in question put on the wrong hospital tag, when she needed one to denote that Julia had allergies. “I get a red tag because I have allergies!” she told the nurse. She plays both Hockey and Soccer, swims, wants to participate in even more activities, and, miraculously, has more energy than other children, despite her situation.


What does Julia want to do when she gets older? She wants to be a doctor so she can cure…constipation. The medicine she takes cause considerable problems for her regularity so she wants to cure it. “I wanna be a doctor to cure constipation, cancer comes next,” she told her mother.

She’s something of a celebrity and it’s not hard to see why. She has a wonderful outlook on life, an indomitable spirit, and a sense of humor to envy. Follow the link to see her in a promotional video for the Leukimia & Lymphoma Society (she appears at the 20-second mark).

Julia and her family attended last year’s Sunday Night Lights and have plans to do so again this year. So please, come to the event and give your support to this little whirlwind of energy and charm, along with all the other participants and guests.


Sunday Night Lights Spotlight-Adam Bristoe


Adam Bristoe is a success story. Not only because he beat cancer; he’s fought to help other kids fight their cancers. Adam was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2001 and underwent extensive treatment, yet found the will to raise almost $15,000 for local Missouri children with blood cancer. Adam has now been cancer-free for 11 years and is doing well physically, socially, and mentally. That’s not to say he hasn’t had to struggle to get where he is. As a result of the chemotherapy, Adam struggled with anxiety and being able to focus, a common problem when children are exposed to cancer treatments during their formative years. Thanks to his family, Terri’s Tutors, and the Lindbergh High School, Adam has all the help with school he needs.

“Lindbergh has done a great job helping him with his learning disabilities. Doesn’t matter where, they’re there to help and have been amazing,” said Tammy Bristoe, Adam’s mother.

Adam plans on taking part in this year’s Sunday Night Lights by playing the snare drum with the Lindbergh Band.

“You can’t let it break you. Don’t give up and keep on fighting,” said Adam, when asked if he had any advice for any people or families suffering from childhood cancers. Adam’s mother had similar words of encouragement.

“It’s so important to let families know they’re not alone and can get through this. Call Adam or I, we have years of expereince to share with them.”

For any who are interested in participating in this year’s Sunday Night Lights, please contact us here.